If you insist... -Optimus Prime

Horace James Nishiyota, better known as Optimus Prime (born March 31st, 1988), is one of the main seven protagonists of the Sunbreed Society. Based on the red and blue Autobot leader, he is the mechanic of the team. Initially a cold, distant and solitary person, he gradually becomes a more sociable, heroic person. He doesn't appears to talk much, but (albeit mostly serious) he often enjoys life when he can. Surprisingly, he often helps those who need it most and, despite his appearance, he likes to eat alot. His gauntlets are one of his best friends, as they not noly morph into numerous weapons and tools, but also collects all kind of metal. When not battling, Prime plays videogames, soccer and basketball. He also is a bass player who also owns and operates his own record company.

Appearance Edit

He is the second most tallest man of the team. Prime has a skinny figure, his eyes are dark blue and his hairstyle consists of a spiky, light blue hair with red streaks, mirroring the blue and red design by the original Optimus Prime. His wardrobe choices initially consisted of dark colors, but over time Prime incorporates brighter colors, eventually wearing entirely white on several occasions. He likes to wear jeans, specially dark, skinny jeans, although this doesn't mean that he doesn't use other types of jeans. He also loves to wear white sneakers - it's one of his favourite ones.

Personality Edit

Prime is normally a mysterious, yet heroic person. At the start of the series, he was a lonewolf - some solitary, not fond of parties, who doesn't seem to rely on his friends other than Bumblebee, his closest friend. This begins to change when Prime meets Cover Girl in person (the former being a big fan of the ex-supermodel), who encourages Prime to open up. As a result, Prime gradually becomes a more sociable person and eventually goes to parties on later episodes. He's more mature than Bumblebee, and although serious, he often brings his more heroic side to protect his friends.

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