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Janis Rose Emerald Daniels (or Rose Daniels for short), better known as Rainbow Dash (born January 10, 1991), is one of the seven main protaginists of the Sunbreed Society series. Based on the light blue pony from My Little Pony, this aerial archer is also the aerial expert and strategist of the team. She is mostly innocent, friendly and at times mischievous, but with a warm heart. On the field, this archer can fly and stay airbone because she can use wings attached onto various garments (e.g. shirts, coats, dresses, etc.) to achieve flight and height. Out of the field, this rather childish and juvenile rendition of Rainbow Dash is one of the most beloved DJs and a electronic music producer, having thrown numerous parties in her town. Not only that, she's also a singer and composer of various radio hits.

Appearance Edit

Rainbow Dash is the shortest girl on the team, measuring like an average teenager would measure. A white skin girl, Rainbow Dash adopts two characteristics from the original MLP character: they are the red/pink eyes and the rainbow hair. Dash's hair is, like most fan humanizations of the original RD, usually a short, choppy bob with a side-swept fringe, dyed in a rainbow stripe fashion. Sometimes, Dash ties her hair to the back, leaving two small sidelocks and a ponytail. Rainbow Dash likes to wear light-colored clothes, often with a stripe pattern, and short cute dresses, often mirroring those of Scene trends.

Personality Edit

This incarnation of Rainbow Dash is nicer than her MLP counterpart. As stated in the first paragraph of this article, this girl is mostly innocent, friendly and at times a mischievous girl with a warm heart. She likes to defend the weak and try to win their heart. She also holds a sense of justice and righteousness. Dash's child-like and innocent nature often clashes with Twilight Sparkle's more grown-up nature, although Dash is intelligent and knows what she does. She loves parties, much unlike Optimus Prime, and is seen enjoying throwing parties whenever she can.

Her role in the series Edit

Rainbow Dash is the aerial expert of the series, providing strategies for air combat. As an Aerial, she has the capacity to fly and remain airbone, using wings attached usually on the back of garments (i.e. shirts, coats, etc.). This ability mirrors that of the original Rainbow Dash. She is an archer as well. She can combine her flight abilities with her archery skills to defeat the enemies. Dash's arrows have the particular feature: it can deal different type of damage upon vocal command. For example, if she is ready to fire an arrow and says "Freeze" and then fires it, said arrow will effectively freeze the oponent upon contact. Think it as a mechanism that is not unlike that of Judge Dredd's Lawgiver pistol.

When not battling, she is a musician who produces EDM music, primarily House music. She is also a DJ, one of the most acclaimed and beloved in her surroundings. This allows her to throw numerous and successful parties whenever she can, often with the help of Pinkie Pie or under contract of various radio stations. She is a composer as well, composing numerous radio hits and collaborating with numerous artists. She is also a singer and rapper, collaborating with Twilight Sparkle on numerous occasions. Her light, pop singing style (like that of the Disney stars) contrasts with Twi's more agressive singing style, often complementing each other to create an interesting vocal interplay.

Trivia Edit

  • Dash is fond of candy floss, as she has been since her childhood.
  • She and Twilight Sparkle met during elelemtary school, mostly like 1st grade.
  • Her age ranges to 17 to 19 years old.
  • Her boyfriend is Bumblebee, who is as friendly as Rainbow Dash.

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