This is an article about a series that has a cast. Most of its cast is based off Hasbro characters but they have been reimagined. This is therefore a hybrid between reimagination and fan-fiction. You can discuss this issue on the talk page.

Sunbreed Society is an action-adventure series about a group of seven people (six of them based off characters created by Hasbro) on their way to stop a man who wants to wage a war that could change it all. The series originated as something made to join and reimagine characters from My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Transformers, fusing their worlds and joining their respective fanbases in the process. Most of the characters are given human forms, such as Twilight Sparkle and Optimus Prime.

Premise Edit

The backstory of this series is that Societies (medium-sized groups with a common goal) are threatened by a man who wants to wage war. The societies' struggle against that man still continue to this day. The series focus on the Sunbreed Society led by Scherzo, who recruits six young men to finish what other societies couldn't continue.

As you travel across the series' universe, you can encounter numerous factions on the series: the Mentalists, the Dimensionists, the Handlers and the Normals, among others. Also in the series you can explore the character's relations with one another, e.g. friends, siblings or lovers.

Characters Edit

Most of the cast is reimagined characters created by Hasbro. Four of the seven main protagonists become humans.

Main Characters Edit

From G.I. Joe

  • Low-Light - A sniper in the original G.I. Joe series, he becomes the mechanic of the team, whose role is to fabricate heavy weaopnry and machinery. He often helps teammates Optimus Prime and Cover Girl in their respective roles. He still has night-vision skills, and he uses those skills to assist the team at night. Low-Light is also a skilled golf player: he practices golf on various places -since his childhood- whenever possible.
  • Cover Girl - Just like her G.I. Joe counterpart, she was a supermodel before joining the army. Cover Girl is a vehicle expert and designer with special emphasis on solar-powered vehicles. She usually designs her vehicles and fabricates them (often with help of Low-Light). On the field, she becomes a vehicle rider who also fights the enemies with a variety of weapons. Out of the field, she is a renowned professional landscape painter.

From Transformers

  • Optimus Prime - Originally the leader of the Autobots in the original Transformers series, he is a technician who is Low-Light's occasional assistant (and viceversa). One of his roles is also collecting material for Cover Girl and Low-Light. His gauntlet is the greatest tool Optimus has, because it helps him in combat with an array of weapons and tools. When not in battle, Optimus is one of the most skilled soccer players ever.
  • Bumblebee - Based on the original Transformers character, this guy is the weapon expert of the team. The best friend of Optimus Prime, he uses his mechanical gauntlets to, among other things, slice through metal with the gauntlet's numerous lasers, either for defeating mechanical enemies, or clearing the way for others. He, aside for his parkour styles, is known as one of the best drummers in town.

From My Little Pony

  • Twilight Sparkle - She's not your traditional purple pony here. She is, instead, the second-in-command and strategist of the team. "Twi" has the power of telekinesis, which is augmented with gloves (she prefers thin gloves for better performance). She uses said power often combined with finger tutting to mainly take down and hack her enemies. Otherwise she is seen as an experimental musician and an occasional activist.
  • Rainbow Dash - Based on that blue pegasus from the original series, she is the aerial expert of the team, and also an archer. She can fly using wings attached to some tops she wears (e.g. sweaters), and her arrows can deal numerous types of effects upon vocal commands (e.g. the arrows can be made to paralize if RD calls its corresponding code: "paralize"). Other than that, she is an EDM producer and beloved DJ.

New to these series

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